Posted by John Smart

Permark Industries Ltd has developed a label which is designed to irreversibly change colour to bright orange if the surface it is adhered to overheats. Made specifically for the Trucking Industry, the self-adhesive labels are designed to aid drivers and maintenance staff to detect excessive heat (over 120°C) in bearing and brake components. Labels are applied to each of the outer wheel rims, making a visual check for excess heat very easy in a walk-round inspection. Early warning of excess heat will ensure improved vehicle safety and will avoid a costly and potentially very dangerous failure.

The self-adhesive material is a 3M product and has been rigorously tested under severe weather conditions.

Shane Pearson, Managing Director of STL Linehaul, has seen the demonstration of the label change colour at the required temperature. His comment was "What a great idea, it's a no-brainer to use these".

Shane has trialled the Labels on two trucks operating virtually non-stop. The labels remained firmly attached and no problems were reported.

How often have you walked around your truck after being alerted to a brake failure, only to be stumped as to which wheel it is?

Frustrated you might remove each wheel spending hours in lost time on the road. At the end of that procedure, you might still be “none the wiser” and elect the services of a mechanic. He will also need to remove each wheel and after a few analytic hours later, will charge you for it.

This was a common issue for many of our members, no business can afford for trucks to be off the road for long, so a speedy diagnosis is vital. You don’t need to be a mechanic to know which wheel is causing the issues. A simple walk around will suffice. The sensor won’t revert back to its original colour, it will stay orange, and giving you plenty of time to see which wheel is the troublesome one.

It’s a brilliant yet simple tool that is available to all.

Permark’s new creation was developed with the busy on-the-go professional in mind. It’s a small price to pay to save time and money.

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